Bebble Nappy Rash cream 60ml

|Diaper Troubled Skin Relief | Suitable for 0+ Month & Up | Made with Natural Ingredients |


√Protective √Soothing √Moisturise 

Effectively resolve skin problems. Protect areas where baby’s skin is prone to redness and inflammation, e.g. the nappy area, the folds of the elbows, armpits, and knees, behind the ears, and on the neck. Bebble Nappy Rash Cream provides relief & soothes: itching, redness, and discomfort caused by irritated skin.


☺Dermatologically tested formula with selected hypoallergenic ingredients

☺0% Parabens, Artificial colouring

☺Alcohol Free


Intense Care With Zinc Oxide and Enriched with Sumac Essence. Loving Care from the Start. 

♥Zinc Oxide
The compound zinc oxide is well-known and widely used because of its antimicrobial qualities. It keeps the skin dry and protects against external factors.


♥Goodness of Sumac
Sumac is renowned for its antibacterial properties. The essence is high in tannins, which accounts for its strong natural antioxidant and antibacterial action.


How to Use
Apply a thin layer to clean and dry skin. Used regularly from the very first signs of skin problems, Bebble nappy rash cream will support the irritated skin to heal.


Bebble Brand
For many, many years Bebble has been working together with mothers, listening to your wishes, needs and problems at various stages of your babies' development. Bebble knows that the care for your little one is more than a routine. It is an expression of love and dedication. Bebble has knowledge and expertise in the use of herbs and natural oils to formulate hypoallergenic formulas that are effective and gentle kind to the baby's delicate skin.

Bebble Nappy Rash cream 60ml | Intense Care

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