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Maternea Cooling & Relaxing Gel for Legs

With Escin, Urea, Lavender oil, Peppermint Oil, Frescolat®


Maternea Cooling & Relaxing Gel for Legs is the perfect solution for tired and heavy legs, especially in the last months of the pregnancy. A specially selected complex of active ingredients hydrates the skin, relives the tension, reduces discomfort and provides a feeling of lightness and freshness.


♥Guaranteed Suitable for Pregnant Mum & Baby


♥Escin, the natural active ingredient in horse chestnut, improves capillary tone, strengthens vein walls, facilitates circulation and the blood flow from the limbs to the heart. This reduces fluid retention and consequent swelling. Escin has relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties and an anti-cellulite effect.
♥Urea is part of the natural hydrating factor of the skin. Strongly hydrating, this ingredient increases the ability of the skin’s corneal layer to retain water. It facilitates the regeneration of the skin’s natural water balance and makes it younger and smoother.

♥Lavender oil has antiseptic, antimicrobial and mildly analgesic qu